Stimulating and learning opportunities for young children

Children rapidly acquire a range of skills including physical, emotional and cognitive capabilities during early childhood, which is also a critical period for brain development.
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Environmental Factors influence our brain development

Our brains shape and reshape themselves based on our experiences and on how we use them, especially in infants and children, whose neural systems are developing at a phenomenal rate.
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Nutrition is important in your child’s intelligence

Nutrition plays a major role in your child’s ability to concentrate, learn and achieve. Fast growing bodies need all the nutrition they can get. Even if your child already enjoys a good diet, they may still stand to benefit from improving their nutrient intake as many children are often lacking in some (or many) nutrients.
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So it’s probably safe to say you’ve heard of antioxidants and know that they’re good for you. But what exactly are they? Are they just the latest health fad or are they actually beneficial to you and your children? Let’s take a look at what all the fuss is about?
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The nutrition we receive during childhood has a significant influence on our health & development throughout life

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Much of our neural, musculoskeletal & cognitive development happens in the womb & early childhood

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