Yearly Archives: 2016

How much do you love mummy?

Monday morning, while bathing 2 ½ year-old Lucas, mummy asked “do you love mummy?”

Yes, I love you, mummy” Lucas nodded. Mummy then jokingly asked “How much do you love mummy?” Lucas then gave a quick response, “Three dollars!!”

When Daddy was told the story, he could not stop laughing.
The next day mummy asked Lucas again “how much do you love mummy?” This time Lucas thought for a moment before replying with “Four dollars!!” Daddy was nearby and laughed “mummy, inflation is so high“.

Full and ready for chocolate!

At dinner time, 4-year old Lizzie, told mum “I am too full now, i can’t finish this”. Mummy looked at the Lizzie’s plate and nodded: “that’s ok; you don’t have to finish it”.

As Mummy, went to grab the un-finished dinner plate, Lizzie jumped up with excitement and asked “Can I have the chocolate cake now?

I am Edward!

Two year-old Edward just started to talk; he didn’t know a lot of words yet; but was worried about being laughed at by the bigger people. He developed a defence strategy against all the words he couldn’t understand.

When Grandpa said “you are very smelly!” Edward right away objected “I am not smelly, I am Edward!

How to make easy money!

Four-year old Dylan noticed his older cousin wasn’t at the family dinner. “Where’s James?” Dylan asked, to which his Dad replied “He has to work.” “Why?” A curious Dylan queried. “So he can get money,” Dad replied once more. Dylan just shook his head “He doesn’t have to work to get money; there are walls (ATMs) that just give you money!