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Length of eyeball = 24.5mm

Volume of eyeball = 5.5mL

Weight of eyeball = 7.5g

Average time between blinks = 2.8s

Thickness of cornea = ~0.5 mm in center; ~1 mm in periphery

Diameter of cornea = 11.5mm

Thickness of lens = 4mm

Diameter of lens = 9mm

Composition of lens = 65% water; 35% protein

Number of retinal receptor cells = 5-6 million cones; 120-140 million rods

Number of retinal neural cells = 800 thousand to 1 million

Number of fibers in optic nerve = 1,200,000

Wavelength of visible light (human) = 400-700nm

Highest density of rods = 160,000/mm2

Peak density of rods (cat) = 400,000/mm2

Density of cones = 200,000/mm2

Intraocular pressure = 10-20mmHg

Turnover of aqueous humor = 15 times/day
More Facts and Figures about the Human Retina are available from WebVision.


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