Low serum phosphate levels are linked to childhood obesity and insulin resistance

This study aimed to investigate the link betwene serum phosphate levels with obesity and insulin resistance in children (n=298). The levels of phosphate were significantly lower in 6-12 yr old obese participants than controls (p<0.05). Furthermore, there was a negative correlation between phosphate levels and homeostatis model of insulin resistance (p=0.02), which serves as a marker for insulin resistance. Thus low serum phosphate levels may contribute towards the development of insulin resistance in children who are obese. This is important as obesity is on the rise, and is also a risk factor for childhood fracture.

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Celik, N. and N. Andiran, The relationship between serum phosphate levels with childhood obesity and insulin resistance. J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab, 2011. 24(1-2): p. 81-3.

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